Southeast Asia 

The Gathering began outreach in Southeast Asia back in 2012. After much prayer and planning, it seemed God was leading us there to initially help start a school in a village. This involved a partnership with an Organization in the U.S.A. that coordinates and “comes along side” the local church in Southeast Asia. We have an ongoing ministry with the school as well as student sponsorship. We hold Pastor Conferences training the local pastors and  preach in the villages. Our most recent ministry is getting involved in the rescue of children trapped in child labor and sex trafficking. We send ministry teams yearly to Southeast Asia. We believe this to be a long term commitment to this region of the world (specifics are left out for security purposes).

A local hut
Ladies from the Team
Local Airport
If you would like to donate money to the Selah Center, Grace School, The Sheep Farm, or you haven’t made arrangements for your sponsored child. Please use the web site below. There is a comment/blank section and you can designate where you want your money to go.
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