Imagine yourself in a city of 13 million people, knowing that over 98 of every 100 people you see on the streets are going to enter eternity without the Savior. Even worse, knowing that any public expression of Christianity to them will likely result in beatings, imprisonment, or both.

Imagine millions of people whose only goal is to find enough food to survive the day so that they can repeat the process tomorrow, and the day after, for the rest of their lives.

Imagine children abandoned on village streets and in jungles because their families can’t provide for them, being left to die unless someone finds them and takes them in.

Imagine having a government that disrupts worship services and removes young people from their families, sometimes for months at a time.

Imagine a national government that requires submission of all lesson plans for approval before anything can be taught in their schools.

Imagine sitting and talking with a brother in the faith whose face bears the scars of beatings and sanctioned brutality.


In June 2016, three members of The Gathering, along with two others, traveled to several Asian countries where they worked in this environment to teach the scriptures, love, and encourage fellow believers in Jesus Christ, to share the gospel when possible, and learn about the power of faith and prayer under persecution. The trip covered almost 24,000 miles, including 2,000 miles of “in country” travel.

Words like hot, humid, cramped, exhausting and other similar descriptive expressions could paint a real picture of the nearly three week trip, but they would miss the joys of teaching the scriptures, loving and encouraging fellow believers in Jesus Christ, sharing the gospel when possible, and learning about the powers of faith and prayer in the persecuted church. They would also not capture the wonders of a different culture, their foods, customs, smells , activities and means of travel.

Our team worked in licensed and underground churches, homes, orphanages and restaurants. We conducted women’s conferences (thank you Gathering ladies), discipleship training, and one on one ministry in nine locations, as well as visiting two orphanages. The children were amazing in their knowledge of The Word and their joy was contagious! In one area we primarily did a vision trip to see if God was opening a new door there. It was amazing to see their leadership’s vision and the commitment of many professionals who gave up everything they had to relocate there and join God in what He is doing. (Experiencing God – find where He is at work and join Him!)

In another area, we spent time with a pastor and his family who have an amazing story. God had given him a vision that he would reach many for Christ in his country. His government drove off all but one man from his congregation. Then that man died. For 12 years the pastor only had his family to share with. They found abandoned children, a common thing in their country, and took them in, raising them in the faith. They now have over 500 young people planting small house churches across their country and over 30 children they are currently raising. God is faithful!!! Doors may close, BUT GOD opens them as He desires!


Now imagine men and women, who have been beaten, tortured and imprisoned for their faith, yet remain devoted to Jesus and committed to reaching others for Him.

Imagine their godly defiance of authority in light of their calling to follow Jesus and proclaim Him to others.

Imagine men and women who have little themselves joyfully taking food and clean water to those in need as the they care for people.

Imagine a handful of workers with little resources caring for multitudes of abandoned children. Imagine also pastors and their wives raising 35-40 children each as part of their underground churches.

Imagine these same pastors trusting God as they send out teams to spread the gospel message of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, even beyond their country’s borders.

Imagine tens of thousands coming to Christ through their efforts, and then these same pastors discipling them to do the same.

An African pastor friend once said, “Why should I sit when God says go!” His mission is “To reach the lost AT ALL COSTS with the gospel of Christ.” Thank you, Gathering, for allowing us to take on that mission in a different part of the world. It would not have happened without your encouragement, prayers, and financial support.