How are we growing?

“In September of 2015, the Lord orchestrated the gathering of a small group of like-minded believers whose desire was simple, yet unified: to get back to the heart of worship.” If you have visited our “Who We Are” section of this website, you will recognize those words as our formal introduction. At that time, we didn’t necessarily have a plan, but we knew that the Lord did. This page is dedicated to a new phase in our journey and it’s not for the purpose of boasting of what we have done or can do or will do; it is sharing what the Lord has done, is doing, and will be doing with and through us.

In our “Experiencing God” small group study, if you were to take away nothing else from that study, you would come away with the undeniable truth that God is always at work. On June 19, 2017 we purchased land in southern Alamance County where plans will be made to build permanent facilities for The Gathering. It’s an exciting time and we invite you to join us in this amazing journey as we walk by faith, in prayer, seeking His direction.

Prayer of Dedication
Our Father and God, we thank You for this day; for the hopes and dreams that are ours as we purchase this land.
We thank You for putting it into our hearts, for the vision and dedication of all who have and will plan, work and sacrifice toward this end. You have enriched us as a people. We believe that You have been of all that has been and all that will be in this effort. The heavens are Yours; the earth and all that is in it.
This ground already belongs to You, O God, and we believe that only Your grace makes it possible for us to use this land. We pray that You will accept this land as returned to You, as dedicated to Your glory. Consecrate it as Holy Ground! From this place, may the Word go forth as a spiritual beacon to guide our lives , be a witness to our faith to our children, and inspire our community and around the world.
We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord of the Church.
We invite you to visit this page periodically where we will post updates
and land activities. Please remain in prayer for the Lord’s leading
as we move forward!