Welcome to The Gathering!
Welcome to The Gathering – A Christian Community. We don’t want to be just another church in the community. We want to “be” the church to the community and to the world. In other words, we want to make a difference in this world one life at a time. If you are simply exploring the claims of Christianity or if you have been wounded by the church or Christian people, we would love to help you engage or re-engage.
We encourage you to look around our website, find out about us and discover some ways that we are trying to make a difference. We hope that after you look around you will decide to come visit The Gathering in person and maybe after that, consider becoming a part of this Christian Community we call The Gathering. Remember, you are never so bad that you are out of reach of God’s grace; and you are never so good that you aren’t in need of God’s grace.
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